Step back in time to the 1990’s rave scene in Scotland.

We are a small group of friends who enjoy filming and photographing Scotland’s vibrant music scene, we went to almost all the big raves around Scotland between 1991-98, we used to turn up with several cameras and battery belts to keep the cameras rolling as we partied throughout the night. For more info visit our About Us page.

We are gearing up to produce a series of full-length videos containing a lot of unseen footage of the rave scene in Scotland so your support really means a lot to us, there is a lot to get through and some tapes are starting to deteriorate with age, we feel that our footage must be preserved and published as an official archive of Scotland’s place in the rave movement of the 1990’s.

Come have a look around we have several hours of video online already, use our search function at the bottom of our website or simply press play below to activate our front page picks. up and coming videos will play automatically, all video here filmed and edited by DVcrew Scotland unless otherwise specified.


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  1. Awright Paul , it’s Stevie (start of Njoi holocaust clip with Jon campbell) ended up in your house after that rave with u and Linda ,keeping the party going,great times, gies a shout for a catch up cheers mate 😀👍

  2. Im over here in Mpls, MN. Huge fan of Techno music…stumbled into you guys close to half a year ago. Upon discovering DJ Tom Wilson led me all over your videos. The best pure techno ive ever heard and I’ve heard lots. The DJs seem on another level, just throwing it down! The rare occasion Im at a party these days im always on point to throw down some of the sickest tracks I can. I have to share this energy in case their are madmen like me out there that haven’t discovered this phenom. I am passionate about bringing this music back as I never got to experience it live and that fucking kills me! I had to message you this evening and say Thank you for these amazing videos and sharing this energy! The video on YouTube Hanger 13 in AYR 1994 blew me the fuck away…that DJ threw down some shit that was mind blowing. Wow, fucking incredible!

  3. Firstly respect t you guys fr keepn it real,tam n lou ere from the ( back st posse ) The Renton. Paul do u ave any attic footage, rip scott l.oor mate,wizz at the night at classic grande two wks ago wot a blast canae wait fr reunion n may. Cheers.

    1. Go on Dave lad!! Paul…This guy is a legend in the north-east rave scene. Not the quickest of cats but good harmless fun. R + R

  4. Love the site.Can anyone remember the name of the magician/illusionist that i remember played Rez once and i’m sure I remember seeing his name on flyers for other places too?Been racking my brain over this for months.

    1. The guys name was Mark Oberon but he performed as The Wizard. Mind blowing stuff as I can just remember haha

    2. Thanks very much Anonymous.I was sure the name he performed under was The Wizard but I just wasn’t too sure.Do you have any footage Paul?

    3. Saw him at Judgement Day in Newcastle in 1996 and he freaked everyone right out. Was a good call by Guy booking him as he was one of the best things I’ve had the pleasure to witness. Amazing!!! Hey Paul….Wheres this Ultimate Buzz Live at 50th Rez/Clash of the Titans footage? I’m sitting here with my tongue hanging out in anticipation haha There was a few decent bits in that DJ T-Jay and DJ Pulse clip but nothing close up. Keep up the good work. Like I’ve said before, I’m a HUGE fan of your work. R + R from Lee in Newcastle

  5. I’m a big fan of your work Paul and I know that you’re a busy man. Are you still going to do 12 hour Rez footage?? Also would love to see some clips of Ultimate Buzz at the 50th Rez (Feb ’95) and Clash Of The Titans as I think Ginge Murray is the best dancer the scene has ever seen. Thanks pal. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Lee yes we are working non-stop behind the scenes to make that happen, hard to say when as more recent events and projects are prioritised for now.

  6. I used to say that guy with the camera will come back and haunt us. That was 20 odd yrs ago and i was right lol. I am in quite a few of ur vids. But its great can show my 20 yr old daughter her mum was the ultimate raver hehe! Thank you x

    1. unsure Scott, would take a fair bit of digging to find the tapes, will post up on our website if we find any, thanks.

  7. I mc’d at Kirkcaldy ice arena (rink) for a I think was a REZ or a REZ Re-Rezerection, I don’t know which year for Bassy G and techno trance b2b (mc G didn’t show up and bobby, mc bad boy coulldnt be arsed with it and went home , and I was banging feeling it, I had mc,d with bobby before a couple of times before,it was after 2000, my first mc gig was for Gabberdeen 1999 then went on as a guest few times at nosebleed, a few in falkirk glasgow for boony but im a pure gabba mc and like the music to tell the story with the skill of DJ
    and just like that I gave UP
    now I took up Dancing DJ’ing (Vinyl) and recording nights
    and with cdjs anybody can mix lol
    I might think about picking the mike back up

    WHAT was that night called, and is there a recording.?

    Kirkcaldy Ice Rink Arena 2000+ AD techno trance bassy g

    1. No plans to release any on dvd James, its too costly, but we have came across more (unseen) Love footage recently, will post to our blog when its ready for viewing.

  8. 90s r a blur lol Paul Martin’s fault pmsl .I can’ mind of ever paying at bad gig or place an everywhere was full with the real ravers :(happy go lucky welcoming an waisted )bunker .fubar .tuxedo.hacienda .metro.awesome101:(dance mania)source(plaza).Carlton studios .moist rosyth .glenrothes town hall .2 name bigger 1s I mind of.met so many people an nice gen people an most of us party,d 2gether an if u didn’t no any1 u wer looked after an involved ..an will stay with me all my life the top dj,s an mc ,s an all crews partied way but my most cherished memories has 2 b on many occasions workin alongside the legend an gem of a guy MR TOM WILSON .thanks guys 4 the memories

  9. Hya Guys.i was a Rez regular back in the day+Loved N joi and the sweeties just as much.I remember N joi were on the line up at Rez(cant remember which 1) & got my ticket and took my medicine on the way to ingleston & was so very happily under the influence i never seen N joi.I’ve checked on youtube but cant find theyre set anywhere.Still love all the music at 41.Have you got the N joi PA guys.Cheers.

    1. Filmed bit of Njoi at Luminaire when we filmed Suburban Delay video, got some limited shots from crowd, about 10min release of Luminaire footage will be up on here soon.

  10. Hello! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the superb work!

  11. Hello there,
    I was a young DJ at the time of the Phantasia event in January 1992. I was lucky enough to be selected for the line up by a guy called MC Geofski who had heard me play at my regular club spot at Sequins in Blackpool. Im trying to find some footage to show my kids (as Im now 40). I played twice during the event and was allowed the final slot as the sun came up in the morning and finished with Sterling Void accapella of Alright followed by K Klass Rythm Is A Mystery. Hope you can help with this request. Many thanks in advance…..

    1. We didn’t film later in the morning, think Dream Frequency was last to be filmed that evening but we will look over the footage to see if we picked you up

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