Ultimate Buzz – The Movie

Callan Bright otherwise known as MC BEE started the hardcore band Ultimate Buzz in 1994, the band released 12 singles and 4 studio albums and won several music awards along the way.  We have a huge archive of Ultimate Buzz footage and have made some videos for you to view.  

Here is our full 90 minute cut of our Ultimate Buzz ‘The Movie’.

4 thoughts on “Ultimate Buzz – The Movie

  1. What great joy we had together Callan, I still miss you so much!! Our couple of year’s together were amazing!! G.

  2. Ultimate Buzz brings back so many happy memories of my teen years. Thank you guys you are awesome!

    These days it’s all EDC LV and such giant festivals but as a teenager growing up in Edinburgh, hitting up the Mercado to dance to some Ultimate Buzz was the highlight of the week.

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