Below are some clips of some amazing vibes we picked up on camera at various Awesome101 raves with Ultrasonic, Praga Khan, Suburban Delay, Shades Of Rhythm, Bass Generator, Technotrance and more…

Awesome101 - Bizzare Inc 1992
DV Archives  Awesome 101 92
shades of rhythm awesome101 1992
awesome101 pragakhan
Revolution (Awesome101)93
Awesome 101 Ultrasonic92 DVcrew
awesome 101 H.o.D djTechnotrance xxx suburban delay92
awesome 101- suburban delay
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6 thoughts on “Awesome101

  1. Transducer was the first big event I mc’d at thanks to Stevie McDonald and Ian McCord and I met Mc easy and Mc chase god rest his soul. These were literally the best times of my life,to be part of that whole scene when it first kicked off was really special,a whole nation coming together as one thanks to the music and the doves lol and it’s so nice that I’ve been able to hook up with a lot of these people after so many years due to old school nights being organised. So many memories x

  2. I remember going to this when I was 18 and a guy had a mask soaked with poppers and placed it on my head, what a night was had

  3. Any chance of posting the Andy Gavin set from Terrorhythm or the zbd set ? Had them on tape back in the day but have lost them

  4. Hi guys great site n vids…brings back memories.
    Dont suppose youve heard of a dev8 tape from awesome101,
    We had a poor copy that was lost, this was by far the best
    Dj set id heard,mental mcin from gavzie

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