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fubar Equinox downstairs-DVcrew


The Fubar Club in Stirling first opened in the early 90’s hosting several rave nights by promoters such as Inner Rhythm, Non-Stop, Dance Concept, M8 Magazine, Fantazia and many more, the upstairs level can hold up to a thousand people and the downstairs level about 250.


5 thoughts on “The Fubar

  1. I would pay good money (hard cash – really!) if they released a digital copy of Equinox II (2) and/or the FUBAR 1st birthday night. I was there both nights and my VHS tape of Equinox II died years ago. I was in the Equinox II video a few times with old friends so I would like to see it again. Age is against me so please release it soon 😉
    I remember the camera guy at the 1st birthday night when the Prodigy were on and I bumped into him and the camera light fell and broke. I picked it up and gave it back with a smile but he wasn’t a happy chappy 😉

  2. Always made a special effort for the Fubar I never had a bad night either and there were plenty of them. TTF, DyeWitness, QFX, Q-TEX Nightraver Slipmatt Billy Reid all there on great nights. wishing I still lived in Scotland so I could go to Martell. Lived on the next street.

  3. Loved the FUBAR!!!! Can’t remember how many times I was there but I loved every one of them!!!

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