The Sound of Belgium

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Visualantics got in touch with us a while back with a request for stock footage for a documentary called The Sound of Belgium  aka T.S.O.B. based the origins of the early dance music movement in Belgium and its influence on world wide dance music culture today.   Well worth watching, we dug out some clips from our #DVarchives footage […]


Praga Khan – Breakfast In Vegas

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Heres a video we made from footage we filmed at Praga Khan’s 25th Anniversary concert in Belgium at the beginning of last year, this was an amazing trip over to Belgium, we filmed parts of our journey there and back as well as the whole concert, meet and greet and afterparty madness, when we get […]

Praga Khan – DVarchives

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Praga Khan is one of the leading pioneers of the Belgian new beat/acid house/hardcore dance music scene, his musical collaborations have also been produced with live theatrical productions “The Next Dimension” and “Code Red”.  In the late 1980s, Praga Khan teamed up with Jade 4U and Olivier Adams to form the Lords of Acid (also […]