Tom Wilson Tribute – City Edinburgh

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We filmed a few Tom Wilson Tribute nights in City Edinburgh and The Martell Falkirk, we have longer edits of these nights but they are unfinished as we put our focus back on getting more oldskool footage together at the time, we will go back and finish them off at some point.


Maelstrom-Awesome 101

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We have been so busy recently that we have just realised that we have not been blogging our new video uploads, the next few posts we make will be focused on showing you what footage we have been working on from the DV Archives, classic footage from some amazing oldschool raves such as Maelstrom, Awesome […]

Rez Luminaire 1992

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Luminaire was held at The Royal highland Centre in Edinburgh on the 15th August 1992, we were there to capture a 4 camera live recording of Suburban Delay’s full set, while we were there we also picked up some footage of Mickey Finn, Tom Wilson, The Prodigy and Njoi. We have encompassed all our footage […]