Holocaust 92

1992 was the first year we started following the rave scene with our video cameras, Holocaust at Dalleagles Farm was the most ballistic rave we filmed that year. The atmosphere at Holocaust summed up the unity of the people that lived for the all night party vibe in Scotland, we filmed various djs and pa’s including Marc Smith, QTex, Bassheads, Shades of Rhythm, Njoi and Suburban Delay… we have a few hours of footage edited and archived for our “Evening With Double Vision” series which we seem to be forever building lol, there is a lot to get through and we are just a couple of friends who do this in our spare time. come have a look around check out the atmosphere in the place it was crazy, so much so that the police came and closed it down an hour before it was scheduled to finish, we have some limited shots of how that went down with the crowd, as you can imagine it was not very well received.

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  1. What a night in remember the laser’s flying above my head full of E’s and LSD OFF ME TITS

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