After filming an array of rock and roll bands in the 1980’s, DVcrew turned their hand to something a little different, Technodrome was one of the first raves we went to, the rest is history, the #dvarchives

Here is a blast from the past of another Technodrome event held at the Ayr Pavillion in December 1992

2 thoughts on “Technodrome

  1. Hi Jeff thanks for letting us know, we had someone else do our blog pages for a while and they were not aware, I have removed the video in question from this page, we did film some bits as you can see in the YouTube video above, not as good as your footage but we were just getting started in ’91, looking forward to seeing your Technodrome footage in the near future will be amazing to see 🙂

  2. You never filmed anything. at Technodrome.This footage is from a video that myself and partner produced. I have all master tapes and copyrights to them.
    I was one of the organisers and there’s a lot more footage (52 hours to be precise)that we’ll be putting together in the near future.

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