The Metropolis nightclub, also known as The Metro, was located in Saltcoats, Ayrshire and was a hugely popular venue in the 1990s. The nightspot attracted dance fans from across Scotland and further afield.  We were at the Metropolis nightclub in Saltcoats most weekends throughout the 90’s and filmed the very last night before the music policy changed to more house and trance vibes.


You will find some of the videos below are not on our YouTube channel you can only see them on our website. We have also added some of our Facebook videos from the iconic nightclub

This was another venue where we had to bring hairdryers with us to heat up the cameras before taking them out on to the floor so they wouldn’t fog up and short circuit due to the humidity in the place, we learned this after repeatedly having to send cameras off to Sony for repair, one Sony technician phoned Paul and asked if he was filming alot at the seaside because alot of the moisture ingress was salty, Paul had to explain that it was the sweat dripping off the ceilings of nightclubs and humidity at the big raves that his crew were filming.

We have a huge archive of Metro footage with up to 4 cameras running live at some nights, we have spent the last 12 years digitising all the tapes and trying to sync them all up as best we could, we are building up a full length series of Metro nights for you all to see on our exclusive live studio. Comment below let us know which Metro nights you would like to see on our live tv channel

If you are looking for Metro Reunion videos Click Here…


19 thoughts on “Metropolis

  1. Metro in saltcoats Wiz da place 2B in the 90’s . Met some amazing ppl n totally banging burds. Wit an era.

  2. This always was and always will be the best nightclub Scotland has every been lucky to have, started going in 1996 sadly and at this point it was heading towards the end of the Joe Deacon and Billy Reid era…..what a place!!!!!

    1. I worked there as steward until 2000 it was five of the best years of ma life still work as a steward 30years on nothing compares to it

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