We are a small group of friends who enjoy filming and photographing Scotland’s vibrant music scene, we went to almost all the big raves around Scotland between 1991-99, we turned up with our own booze,  several cameras and lights and some battery belts to keep our cameras rolling throughout the night as we partied with the ravers. Paul used to hand out cameras to friends at bigger events to record some footage for him “get the vibe”, he always said; “i only need 10%, if you can hold the shot”, some of the ravers had never even used a video camera before but managed to record some great bits that Paul would use in his video edits along with what he and the rest of the camera crew recorded.


Towards the end of the 1990’s the Double Vision crew took time out from the rave scene, there was a change in the music scene and the crew were busy with their day jobs and starting to settle down and have kids.  In 2009 (10 years later) ravers from back in the day began to appear on the social media platform Bebo, everyone was reminiscing about the amazing times that were had in the 90’s.  Paul had just given up his career as a building inspector to become full time carer to his mum who was diagnosed with dementia. In Paul’s spare time he started digging out some of his old tapes and was making small video clips to post on to Bebo for all the raver to see, this was Paul’s downtime from his caring responsibilities, it was really hard for Paul to see his mum starting to lose her memories, Paul thought that while his mum was losing her memories, he was going to start using his downtime to start building the lost memories of the rave scene.

This was around the time that Bebo had just launched their video feature so there was a great buzz about the whole concept of Bebo Video, ravers from back in the day were loving the video clips Paul was posting.  This was creating a great vibe for Paul and it was helping him deal with the mental torment of his mum’s illness, but Bebo Video was pretty limited, there were features that Paul wanted Bebo Video to consider implementing, this was early days in the social media world.

One night Paul was venting his frustrations about the limited features on Bebo Video in a message to sound engineering student Marc McLean, Paul used to hang about with Marc’s mum and dad when Marc was a just a little boy and in the 90’s when Marc was in his teens he went to a few raves with Paul to help out with some of the filming, Marc suggested that Paul should get his own platform just for all the archive rave footage.  Paul and Marc met up and started spending a lot of time together brainstorming on the best way to document all the footage that was recorded back in the 90’s and make it available on the internet for all the ravers to see, Marc was still studying sound production at the time, Marc’s development plan for his course included the production and release of a dance music E.P. and the building of his own website to market the release.  Marc was keen to take on the task of trying to build a website for Paul’s rave archives, there was a module at college on audio dialogue replacement in video using Pro Tools, this was the first time Marc had ever seen video being edited on a PC.  Marc was inspired by the way video could be edited digitally, he knew the struggles Paul had back in the 90’s editing tapes with several vhs machines and an analogue mixer. Paul had already stepped into editing video with a PC that he had specifically built for the purpose, Marc was keen learn how to how to use the same editing software that Paul was using so that they could both work on the archive tapes. This was an important factor as Paul was a full time carer to his mum and Marc was a full time carer to his wife who has lupus and has had a few strokes, getting decent studio time together was tricky at times so it made sense to get into working on the rave archives remotely over the internet from home…


From 2009 to 2020 Paul and Marc have consistently used their spare time to build on the #DVarchives, during that time they also teamed up with Scottish music promoters to film music events for the purpose of creating content for their social media platforms.  “We have basically recorded yet another decade of Scotland’s vibrant music scene it has been a great vibe for us, between all the 90’s rave clips we have posted online and content we have produced from events recorded between 2009-2020 our videos have reached over 7 million views, not bad for a couple of old schoolers with a vision of showing the world how Scotland likes to party.  We have also been working with videographers in other fields such as weddings, corporate, documentaries, short format film and technology events. We are not a professionally trained film crew but over the years we have taught ourselves how to edit and deliver video that creates great engagement and have also been privileged to have worked on various film sets and productions.


its now 2021, we have not been out filming any events for over a year now, but to be honest it has given us a bit of a breather, our hard drives are almost maxed out and the current pandemic has given us the chance to start going through what we have recorded over the last 10 years as well as continuing to build the old school vibe, the #DVarchives.

To find out about the origins of the Double Vision crew, we have transcribed an interview we done with M8 magazine in the 1990’s, click here…

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  1. Hi Paul…….
    Hope you are well mate, Paul been looking on YouTube and on all DV clips and cant find any video footage off our band System-x played the metro several times and you were there for sure, can you please have a look for any clips? It would be appreciated so much.
    Cheers mate Jamie…….

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