The Double Vision crew went to almost all the big raves around Scotland between 1991-99.

We were out filming most weekends at events such as LOVE at the Plaza Glasgow, Maelstrom at Marco’s Forum, Awesome 101 in Livingston, Holocaust in New Cumnock, Sweatbox Ballys in Arbroath, Network Paisley, BarnOwl Strathaven, Mayfair Glasgow, Move Coatbridge, Bishops in Elgin, Moist Fife, Gaelforce Dumbarton, Revolution Dalleagles Farm, Metro Saltcoats, Kellys in Portrush, Tunnel in Glasgow, Fubar Stirling, Hanger 13 Ayr, TechnoTrance at the Barrowlands, Rez Luminaire at Ingliston, Streetrave’s EuroDance event at Prestwick Airport and much more…

We wandered about all night capturing the amazing vibes that were happening on film,  Paul bought more cameras, lights and batteries so that he could give them to his friends at raves telling them to film anything they want from their own perspective, “get the vibe”, he always said; “i only need 10%, if you can hold the shot” some of Double Vision’s friends had never even used a video camera before but managed to shoot some great footage that Paul would use in his video edits along with the footage everyone else recorded.

  In 1999 the Double Vision crew took time out from the rave scene due to careers work family and changes in the music scene.

10 years later lots of ravers from back in the day began to appear on the social media platform Bebo, ravers started reconnecting with each other and reminisce about the amazing times that we all had in the 90’s.  Paul had just given up his career as a building inspector to become full-time carer to his mum who was diagnosed with dementia. Paul was inspired by the buzz about the rave scene on Bebo, in his spare time from caring for his mum he would dig out some of his old tapes and make small video clips to post on to Bebo and YouTube for all the oldskool ravers to see.  Paul quickly grew frustrated at the limitations of Bebo’s new video platform and teamed up with Marc to create a dedicated website to show all the old tapes.

We took on the challenge to rescue as many of the tapes as possible and use this website to document how Scotland raved throughout the 1990’s. Right from the outset we knew this was going to be a monumental task,  Paul’s technique for logging and storing all the tapes was always chaotic back in the day, literally hundreds of tapes lying around in boxes, on shelves, some unlabelled, some boxes stored up his cold damp loft for years, tapes with multiple labels and all the ink fading away because the tapes have been pushed into the edit machines so many times over the years, some tapes are snapped, some tapes suffer liquid ingress (most probably Red Stripe beer).

 As well as the condition of the tapes there are also issues like some of the crew turning the camera off and on at random times making it tricky to keep large projects in sync, the machines we use to digitise the tapes constantly need their heads cleaned due to the dust etc accumulated on the tapes over the years. if the heads build up too much dust etc the video image ends up ruined and the tape has to be recaptured, so many other issues but we will move on…

We started going back out filming music events again in 2009 under the alias DVcrew Scotland.

We get out when we can creating content for our website and event promoter’s social media platforms.

We don’t just film raves and nightclubs, we work with film makers, documentary makers and wedding videographers mainly as camera operators and editors.  We are not a academically trained but have taught ourselves how to shoot & edit video since the 1990’s and still doing it, we are equipped with Sony HXR video cameras, Black Edition GoPro’s Nikon DSLR DJI Ronin S and DJI Mini 2.  we are not a business or a company, we are two guys that are passionate about video, photography and building this online archive.

During lockdown we have built 2 new Ryzen ROG Strix based edit PC’s to increase our workflow quality and capacity, we have also had to invest in archive storage to keep all our data safe there is over 50 terabytes of archives between our two studios, oldskool 91-98 footage and 2009-2023 footage.

The coronavirus pandemic has given us the time to start going through what we have recorded over the last 10 years which is important to us because these are our future #DVarchives, we cannot wait to show you all in years to come, as well as continuing to build on the old school vibe and rescue every little bit from the original tapes that we can.

It has taken the last 12 years to get all the 90’s footage together rescuing hundreds of tapes and editing all the live cameras together as much as we possibly could, we are now in the planning stages of what events from the 1990’s we are going to show using our custom built livestream studio. We have at least a good few hundred hours to show, its going to be epic we cant wait to show you it all in it’s entirety.

Our content has appeared on MTV, MTV Europe, MTV Dance Zone, MTV Chillout Zone, STV Chartbite, STV News, BBC Scotland, The Sound Of Belgium, Scoobs The Rave Years by Journey Pictures – David Street, The Story of STREETrave ’89-’09 – Lemon Productions, Bits & Pieces Documentary by BBC Tune, ‘Hold Me’ Tim Knights – Night Fever Exhibition – V&A Dundee, ‘Scotland The Rave’ Documentary – Two Rivers Media.

To find out what we have been doing more recently check our blog section click here…


  1. Hi, there used to be a video on YouTube “metro moments 93” does this footage belong to you guys? Im trying to track it down.

  2. Hello, we are currently making documentary about DJs profession and clubbing culture. Is there any chance to present you our film we made and offer an a collaboration? The archives of yours is breathtaking. I appreciate for your time!

  3. Hi Paul…….
    Hope you are well mate, Paul been looking on YouTube and on all DV clips and cant find any video footage off our band System-x played the metro several times and you were there for sure, can you please have a look for any clips? It would be appreciated so much.
    Cheers mate Jamie…….

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