Maelstrom-Awesome 101

We have been so busy recently that we have just realised that we have not been blogging our new video uploads, the next few posts we make will be focused on showing you what footage we have been working on from the DV Archives, classic footage from some amazing oldschool raves such as Maelstrom, Awesome 101, Barn Owl, Love @ Plaza, Glam @ Fat Sams, MOVE @ Coatbridge, Roots @ Expo Kilmarnock, kicking off here with some footage of DJ Tom Wilson at Maelstrom / Awesome 101 in 1992…

Maelstrom/Awesome 101 -Tom wilson 91

3 thoughts on “Maelstrom-Awesome 101

  1. Hey guys you have loads of wicked footage of some of the best nights we ever lived through. You also have me in a absolute state back stage at the metro as I worked with the TRS Rythmic State as you guys know. You where always great with all the band Nic & Andy I’m Gavin the rock hard trooper they dedicated the song to me for always being on the floor going for it but as soon as they where about to finish my job was setting up & taking the stage down putting it into our yellow transit & onto another show/gig I’m sure yous will remember my ugly mug, big respect due to you’s. We had a fantastic time huh. It was an honour but I can’t show the footage of me at the metro lol 😂 but at the event 2 & awakening of 95 new year show I was pissed of as Nic comes of stage we’re both talking to Nic about the sound on his mic being to low for most of the set. Loved my time in the TRS from 1993 to 1996 before that I’d been to earthquaker, the Glasgow hacienda in Calton Place across the Kingston footbridge with Marc smith and crew. I was just 14 & working with the band by 16 travelling all over the place as yous guys know. From Elgin bishop’s to Charlie heggartys NI, to the old cinema building in spennymoor. It was a blast guys hope your well & we were there. Love all the fantastic memories from Your footage of all the places I worked & lost it also occasionally like TECHNODROME, & a few early Sunday afternoons after all weekend the party just kept rollling. Thanks again for your work and great pleasure to watch your work again. Gav. TRS CREW.🤜🤛

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