DVcrew Scotland

The Double Vision camera crew were out most weekends from 1991-1999 capturing Scotland’s rave scene on film.

Over the last 14 years we have been digitising hundreds of the old tapes from back in the day.

For more info about who we are click here for our About page.

To see what we have been filming since we came back in 2009 visit our blog click here

Click here for our live stream tv channel

To find the raves clubs and events that you went to check out our full menu at the bottom of our website or use our website’s search function. our social feed is below where you can see some of the footage we are coming across as we continue to rescue as many of the tapes as we can…

62 thoughts on “DVcrew Scotland

  1. Hi Paul I was looking for the video you filmed of us when we went down to Manchester in 2013 for Rezerection. Of us all on the bus the. It stops half way and everyone gets of it and it has me dancing on it by walking on my hands. Do you happen to have it? Great times we had 😃

  2. Hi there! I’m helping out with a documentary on 90s in Scotland. I was wondering if we could use some of the videos you guys have collected? I’m happy to let you know what we’d be interested in as well as tell you more about the project. Many thanks!

  3. Hi DV Crew! This footage is incredible – it’s brilliant that you took it. I’m trying to dig up old footage from clubs / raves in Scotland for the last 50 years for a film to be exhibited at the V&A Dundee next year, I was wondering if it were possible to potentially use some of your footage and talk about the project with you a little more. Let me know what you think! Thanks, Tim K

  4. Please repost video of TTF In To The Wonderful at Network Club, Paisley. Remember seeing it on YouTube before but not there now. Was there and would love to see again.

    1. Sorry Brian it may be posted on youtube by someone else but it wont be reposted by us.

  5. Would love a copy if possible of the Luminaire 92. Especially any footage of the prodigy . Hope you can help me out, thanks.

    1. I’m looking for a gig that ultrasonic and ultimate Bose did in Ireland County Navan In the 90s, Can anyone help me find any videos of this please? I was 14 years old and somehow got in And they put me on stage.

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