Love @ Plaza Ballroom

LOVE raves were the place to be in the early 90’s, held at the iconic Plaza Ballroom in Glasgow! We were there on a regular basis, capturing hours of electrifying footage with live acts such as Praga Khan, Liquid, Toxic Two, Love Decade, Suburban Delay, Altern8, Moby, Pete Tong, Joe Deacon, Utah Saints, and so many more! You might even be lucky enough to catch Paul streaming some of these unforgettable raves on our TV channel, which is on-air at weekends. Don’t miss out!

8 thoughts on “Love @ Plaza Ballroom

  1. I was there at the LOVE raves & love revisiting this footage, trip down memory lane for sure! 🙂 feels surreal watching back 0ver 30 years..

    I remember seeing the full footage and saw myself & pals.. & 20 yrs old in the zone & loving every minute…It was an exciting time for music n fashion we all created a whole new Culture 🙂
    I saw it on you tube a few years ago but it’s gone,, Can you upload more on here?

    Thanks again for posting , Love it!

  2. We went to all the love raves at the plaza. They did get some decent names. I did notice a few faces when I looked through.

  3. Has añyone notice in the love @ the plaza raves how empty the bar was lol . Nae c**t drank then .

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