Love @ Plaza Ballroom

LOVE raves were some of the first raves we filmed, at the time we were pretty rock and roll and filmed bands at the Mayfair etc so going to a rave was a different vibe, we were intrigued and filmed as much as we could, LOVE raves were held at the Plaza Ballroom in Glasgow we have over 2 hours of footage from this classic era with acts such as Praga Khan, Liquid, Toxic Two, Love Decade, Suburban Delay, Altern8 and more, we have more footage from these events that have been added to our ever growing collection of full length videos that we are building for our website.

6 thoughts on “Love @ Plaza Ballroom

  1. Has añyone notice in the love @ the plaza raves how empty the bar was lol . Nae c**t drank then .

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