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We have a huge archive of footage from various Rez events, all mostly on DV tape which is being digitised so that we can work on the footage and release short videos for all the crew to see…

Here are some videos we cut from full length edits we are working on, these videos are just snippets in comparison to the amount of footage we have in the #DVarchives

LUMINAIRE 15th August 1992 

Our first Rez, we have finished editing up our footage of this amazing rave in 1992, full length video includes Suburban Delay’s full set with 4 camera live mix and some clips of other acts such as The Prodigy and N-Joi…

suburban delay ENERGY RUSH -live rushes


Here are some videos from our collection of Event II footage, we have edited roughly 9 hours of this event so far over the last ten years in between working on other raves that we filmed. there is still more to do we are aiming for 12 hours of this event for you all to see on our full length video player.


On the 2nd of September 1995, over 16 thousand ravers gathered at Ingliston for Equinox, 20 hours of hard raving,  here are some videos we cut from full length edits we have been working on… the first video in the list is our 20 year anniversary video mix that we made to celebrate what was an amazing night back in ’95:



On on the 6th of April 1996 thousands of ravers assembled for The Arc, the vhs for this event was never released, we will be livestreaming 3 hours of The Arc on our website soon.

here are some stills from the footage:

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17 thoughts on “Rez Archives

  1. can anybody id a tune on the Event 5 video? it starts off with a woman singing ‘anyone who needs you’ then it changes. a guy singing ‘if you didn’t come to party what the fuck did you come for’ that’s what it sounds like anyway…much appreciation to anybody who can tell me what it’s called

    1. “Everybody’s moving” the Bunter & DZyne mix.

      i was pointed in the right direction by a fellow member of the Original Rez Ravers facebook group

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