Hanger 13 was launched in 1993 at the Ayr Pavilion, here are some clips from the DVarchives with Ultrasonic, DyeWitness, Trevor Reilly, Ramirez, and more… additional clips will be added as more footage is discovered…


6 thoughts on “Hanger13

  1. Went to hanger every week for at least a year.had wee bedsit round the cornet from the piv.best memories ov that time Eva.Neva to b repeated.

  2. best club in scotland hands down great people , amazing sound system lighting and venue and of course big shout to DV CREW for bringing back the memmories that jakki mclaren forgot about ha ha 🙂 xxx

  3. Yass best club ever was 16 and made me a mad raver, noo am an olskool raver :)) met the best folk back in the day it wiz awe about the music, the folk were amazin big trevor wiz the man never be beaten, HANGER POSSE al the way xxx

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