Hanger 13 was launched in 1993 at the Ayr Pavilion, we were there on a regular basis to party and pick up some vibes on camera, here are some clips from our DVarchives with Ultrasonic, DyeWitness, Trevor Reilly, Human Resource, Ramirez and more…

we have put together a 3 hour piece using all the footage captured at Hanger13’s birthday party in ’94, comment on this page if you would like to see it…

8 thoughts on “Hanger13

  1. a trip to ayr beach will never be the same,used to travel doon fae livi every weekend,we knew how to party…hanger 13 posse,,scotlands no1

  2. Went to hanger every week for at least a year.had wee bedsit round the cornet from the piv.best memories ov that time Eva.Neva to b repeated.

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