Phaze5 – Together – Hardcore Uproar

We heard that Together were playing at CJ’s in Rosyth for the 5th instalment of Reunion-Phaze events (phaze5). We really wanted to capture Together’s classic anthem Hardcore Uproar on video to add to our #DVarchives so we threw all our camera gear in the car and drove up to get the vibe, we have filmed in CJ’s a few times before and knew we would be up against it with the humidity in the place, we took our cameras out into the stage area to let them acclimatise to the hot and sweaty atmosphere of the rave.

The place was already jumping and we found it hard not to pick cameras up and start filming until the cameras were ready, we were constantly wiping them down with bar towels as we were concerned that moisture would get inside the circuitry and blow the mainboard, which has happened before, soon as our cameras were ready we starting filming as there was so much going on, everyone was right up for a having a great time and we pretty much filmed all night, here is a 5 camera live edit we filmed and edited.

Together performing the timeless classic Hardcore Uproar

This is a highlights video we made cut from all our footage, we will at some point get round to editing more live clips from this event, anyone who knows us, knows how much of our own time we dedicate to continuously build on the #DVarchives making it Scotland’s top ranking website for music event video, from the early 1990’s to the present day, and onwards into the future.

Soundtrack: Wizards of The Sonic by Westbam


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