DVcrew 2012 Gigs

Here’s a round up of all the gigs we filmed in 2012, some are public, some are unlisted so you will only see them here, and others are videos we have either supplied footage for or helped to film for other production companies and videographers, we will add videos to this page as we continuously go through footage and dig out bits to put on here…

BTTF Summer Party 2012 - Headhunterz
BTTF presents: SATRONICA at The Arches
BTTF presents: DYPRAX at The Arches
BTTF pres GBX - Mallorca Lee - NYE 2011
BTTF pres GBX live NYE 2011 The Arches
Scott Brown@Compression 23/12/12
Marc Smith mcBoff @ compression 23/12/12
Dj Madman mcBoff @ compression 23/12/12
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OrganDonors @FutureOne Falkirk
Marc Smith McMadman @Raveheart
CHILL FM @ Fubar Raveheart
TRS & MarcSmith @Fubar Raveheart.
BassX @ Fubar Raveheart
Tartan Techno launch party @Martell Falkirk.

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