Welcome to our video archives of the Scottish rave scene in the 1990’s, we are a small group of friends who are passionate about filming music events, we have a vast amount of archive rave footage that was captured between 1991 to 1999 by the Double Vision crew gaffered by Paul Martin, camera assistant Marc McLean has been working with Paul for the last 10 years (2009-2020) ‘we are dedicated to keeping the vibe alive building our website and working on the all the old tapes to document Scotland’s place in the 1990’s rave movement.

Come have a look around we have several hours of video online already all footage filmed and edited by ourselves unless specified. For more info about who we are visit our About Us page.

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  1. Would love a copy if possible of the Luminaire 92. Especially any footage of the prodigy . Hope you can help me out, thanks.

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