TechnoTrance 2 – Barrowlands 1992

TechnoTrance 2 was held at the Barrowlands Glasgow in 1992, we have quite alot of it on film here are some clips we have cut to show you some of the great vibes that were had back in the day featuring Joe Deacon, Marc Smith and Carl Cox.

The Sound of Belgium

Visualantics got in touch with us a while back with a request for stock footage for a documentary called The Sound of Belgium  aka T.S.O.B. based the origins of the early dance music movement in Belgium and its influence on world wide dance music culture today.   Well worth watching, we dug out some clips from our #DVarchives footage […]

Love @ Plaza Ballroom

LOVE raves were some of the first raves we filmed, at the time we were pretty rock and roll and filmed bands at the Mayfair etc so going to a rave was a different vibe, we were intrigued and filmed as much as we could, LOVE raves were held at the Plaza Ballroom in Glasgow […]


Below are some clips of some amazing vibes we picked up on camera at various Awesome101 raves with Ultrasonic, Praga Khan, Suburban Delay, Shades Of Rhythm, Bass Generator, Technotrance and more…