Holocaust 92

Holocaust was one of the most ballistic raves we filmed. The atmosphere at Holocaust summed up the unity of the people that lived for the all night party vibe in Scotland…

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4 thoughts on “Holocaust 92

  1. Yass ma very first outside rave never forget it, was a toatl much hole had white jeans on and said ta ma cousin look at the shows and stood right in a puddle up ta ma knees, that was just at the beging of the nite hahah best nite of ma life :)) outside raves r the best never be beaten should do another 1 🙂 would make an oldskool raver happy 🙂

  2. Hey so I heard about your guys site from a friend and I think it’s awsmeoe what you’re doing. I’m from Chicago, born & raised, and I just released my mixtape yesterday, it’d be awsmeoe if you could check it out lemme know what you think. I’m gonna be making videos all day today for youtube and I was hoping if you guys like it you can put it up. Just let me know, shoot me an email or whatever. Thanks, I hope I don’t take too much time outta your day with this one!

    1. Hi Lucy, please send a link of your mixtape to us via our contact page so we can have a listen thanks 🙂

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