Welcome to our video archives of the Scottish rave scene in the 90’s, we have a vast amount of footage to get together from old tapes captured by the Double Vision crew gaffered by Paul Martin back in the day, camera assistant Marc McLean has been working with Paul for the last 10 years both dedicated to keeping the vibe alive working on the tapes and publishing online rave video as our official archive of Scotland’s place in the rave movement of the 1990’s.


Come have a look around we have several hours of video online already, use our search function at the bottom of our website or simply press play below to watch our front page playlist. up and coming videos will play automatically, all footage here filmed and edited by DVcrew Scotland unless otherwise specified.

ย For more info about who we are and what we are doing here visit our About Us page.


50 thoughts on “DVCREW SCOTLAND

  1. Please repost video of TTF In To The Wonderful at Network Club, Paisley. Remember seeing it on YouTube before but not there now. Was there and would love to see again.

  2. Would love a copy if possible of the Luminaire 92. Especially any footage of the prodigy . Hope you can help me out, thanks.

    1. Iโ€™m looking for a gig that ultrasonic and ultimate Bose did in Ireland County Navan In the 90s, Can anyone help me find any videos of this please? I was 14 years old and somehow got in And they put me on stage.

  3. Hey Bro! Love your videos, Iโ€™m from Newcastle and grew up as a kid with this stuff! I want to watch your livestream but dunno the password! Where do I go to get access to the livestream? Cheers Bro! 03stevensmi

  4. Awright Paul , it’s Stevie (start of Njoi holocaust clip with Jon campbell) ended up in your house after that rave with u and Linda ,keeping the party going,great times, gies a shout for a catch up cheers mate ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

  5. Im over here in Mpls, MN. Huge fan of Techno music…stumbled into you guys close to half a year ago. Upon discovering DJ Tom Wilson led me all over your videos. The best pure techno ive ever heard and I’ve heard lots. The DJs seem on another level, just throwing it down! The rare occasion Im at a party these days im always on point to throw down some of the sickest tracks I can. I have to share this energy in case their are madmen like me out there that haven’t discovered this phenom. I am passionate about bringing this music back as I never got to experience it live and that fucking kills me! I had to message you this evening and say Thank you for these amazing videos and sharing this energy! The video on YouTube Hanger 13 in AYR 1994 blew me the fuck away…that DJ threw down some shit that was mind blowing. Wow, fucking incredible!

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