Tom Wilson Tribute – City Edinburgh

We filmed a few Tom Wilson Tribute nights in City Edinburgh and The Martell Falkirk, we have longer edits of these nights but they are unfinished as we put our focus back on getting more oldskool footage together at the time, we will go back and finish them off at some point.


We film XFEST every year and its always a great vibe for all the family, this is our page of aftermovies, videos, raw clips and photos from all the XFEST events we have covered.

ACA Presents: Christina Novelli & Mallorca Lee

We heard that Christina Novelli & Mallorca Lee were headlining an event called ACA Presents hosted by DJ Steph MacDonald at Furys in Ayr,  Christina was going to be singing her massive hit Concrete Angel on the introduction of her DJ set so we thought we would drop by and do a bit of video. There are a couple more clips yet […]

Marc Smith – Notorious By Nature

In late 2010 we were asked for some footage to make a video for Marc Smith’s Notorious By Nature album. “Scotland’s number one Hardcore DJ finally unleashes his long awaited second artist album, a heart wrenching 17 years in the making! Years of massive anthem after anthem, his own revered blend of harder influences, parties worldwide smashed […]

The Sound of Belgium

Visualantics got in touch with us a while back with a request for stock footage for a documentary called The Sound of Belgium  aka T.S.O.B. based the origins of the early dance music movement in Belgium and its influence on world wide dance music culture today.   Well worth watching, we dug out some clips from our #DVarchives footage […]