We are a small collective of friends who ventured out to rave events around Scotland in the 1990’s with video cameras, capturing on film an amazing era in Scottish history that will be remembered for decades to come.

Paul - DVHQWe have a huge video archive of some of the most amazing raves in the 90’s

and its time to get as much as possible on to the internet for people across the world to see.

To find out where it all began, we have transcribed an interview we done with M8 magazine in the 1990’s, click here…

Towards the end of the 1990’s, we took time out from the rave scene as we noticed a change in music and scene and were busy with our day jobs so we stopped going out.

In 2009 a few of us resurfaced on Bebo and started going out filming again.

Word quickly got around that we were out filming again and we have been non-stop since. We are not a professional video crew, just a couple of oldskoolers that enjoy filming and making videos.fantazia-bigbang2-scotlandcrew (1)We have met some beautiful people along the way and their enthusiasm for what we are doing inspires us to continue building on the DVarchives for years to come.Silhouette of Paul going in for the close shots of Angerfist at MOH - The Arches Glasgow We have been involved with Scotland’s finest music brands, DJ’s, club promoters and television broadcasters.

Paul filming Mallorca Lee's set - Coloursfest 2010 - Braehead Glasgow (click for video)




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